About TSF

Tirupur Stakeholders Forum is an initiative conceived by TEA for bringing together all stakeholders in Tirupur including Brands to arrive at a mechanism for understanding the industrial practices related to working conditions and work together to find sustainable solutions.

The apparel export industry in Tirupur has grown very fast and this has led to challenges such as structural, social and cultural issues in industry practices. Any issues in the industrial flow will definitely make an impact in the life of people in Tirupur.

It was decided by TEA to form a forum for finding solutions for such challenges for the betterment of the industry and working community. It is important to prioritize the issues and also understand the perspective of each stakeholder on these issues. Thus Tirupur Stakeholder Forum (TSF) is born.

Tirupur Stakeholder Forum (TSF) is a multi-stakeholder initiative for collective dialogue and action, conceived and initiated by the apex knitwear industry association of Tirupur, the Tirupur Exporters’ Association (TEA) in September 2010. The primary objectives of this forum is to openly and collectively address broad, industry-level issues and challenges pertaining to the workforce & working conditions in the apparel export sector of Tirupur, and thereby find & implement sustainable solutions for resolving the same and to support for the sustainable growth of the industry.

TSF is comprised of four major stakeholder groups, namely the Tirupur Knitwear Industry (represented by TEA), International clothing and fashion brands/retailers sourcing their merchandise from Tirupur (represented by the Brands’ Ethics Working Group or BEWG), 7 major Trade Unions and 4 reputed Non-Governmental Organizations active in the Tirupur region.

TSF’s meetings are convened by TEA and the frequencies of meetings are largely decided by the need and urgency surrounding the workforce & working conditions related issues and challenges facing the industry and the demands for their remedial measures raised by the constituent stakeholders. All meetings of the TSF and decisions taken there-in are carefully minuted and circulated among the constituent members after each meeting. Similarly, all TSF meetings begin by taking stock of the required actions, pending matters & their status carried forward from the previous meetings.

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