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TSF Hosts MIGROS Delegation: Advancing Social Standards and Sustainability

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Jan 03, 2024
Tiruppur Exporters’ Association (TEA) and Tirupur Stakeholders Forum (TSF) and TEA – Women Empowerment Sub-Committee in association with Tirupur North Rotary Club and Thirumuruganpoondi Rotary Club organized an awareness program on Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer for Women on Wednesday at 3:00 PM (03.01.2024) at M/s. Shiny Knitwear a member company of our Association. Ms. A. Viyakula Mary, Executive Director of SAVE NGO, Mrs. T. Sasikala, Council Member, AITUC, Mr. R. Sakthivel, Chairman, Skill Development and SAMARTH Scheme Sub-Committee, Smt. Sumita Ravi Roshan, Chairman, Women Empowerment Sub Committee, Vice Chairman Mrs. Sudha Sivasubramaniam and Members Mrs. Shruthika & Mrs. Selvi, Tirupur North Rotary Club President Mr. P. Mahesh Babu, Thirumuruganpoondi Rotary Club President Mr. S. Muthuraj were also present. President of North Rotary Club Mr. P. Mahesh Babu delivered the welcome address. Rotary Zonal Coordinator Mr. V. G. Anand Ram explained about the scheme, the purpose of the scheme and how beneficial the scheme is for women.
Mr. R. Sakthivel, Chairman, Skill Development and SAMARTH Scheme Sub-Committee delivered the keynote address. This is the second awareness program aimed at the welfare of women workers, which was initiated by the TEA – Women Empowerment Sub-Committee.

Special Invitee and Council Member of AITUC Mrs. T. Sasikala said that in this era when women are playing a role in all kinds of professions, they should also take care of their physical health. she advised women to get rid of their fear of breast and cervical cancer and take advantage of this initiative of TEA, TSF and Rotary as an income protection initiative for women workers.

Special Invitee Ms. Viyakula Mary, said as women it is our duty to take proper care of both physical and mental health. Therefore, there is a need for such awareness among the women workers and requested them to come forward in large numbers to undergo such tests.
The Managing Director of the company Mr. V. Easwaran, while coordinating the program, highlighted the merits of this program.
Dr. Anitha Vijay of Rotary Club explained to the women, the symptoms of Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer, the effects of Cancer and explained the prevention methods in detail.